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About Us


Starwood Designs specialises in the creation of practical personalised and custom made wooden gifts, mementos and home décor. Based in a little town called Perivale in London, England, all our items are made-to-order with a selection of hand engraved and laser engraved products.

When working with any product, whether it be a wooden chopping board, spoon or even a plain old plank, our philosophy is to make sure everything we create maintains a practical use whilst becoming personal to its owner. 

We take great pride in our products, with each one created as if we were gifting it to one of our own closest friends and loved ones. After all, that is exactly how we started off, so we know how important it is!

A personalised gift is a unique gift, like no other. It takes a lot of thought, patience and consideration to be able to find the perfect something that represents the person you are gifting and invokes the feelings and memories you have towards each other. 

We hope you find what you are looking for here at Starwood Designs, and if we could help in anyway please do get in touch!


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